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sebelum aku terlupa.....ni aku nk settle kan tag yg pepatung fwd tuk aku.....lece btul la.tp disababkan aku kacak...aku buat je la.....hehehe

cara2 nya.....
1- go to neopet
2- create neopet account
3- create ur pet
4- print screen a picture of ur neopet
5- put it in ur blog
6- story about ur pet
7- then,tag ur fren...

Name : mie149
Species: Bruce
Colour: Blue
Gender: Male
Age: 140 hours
Level: 1
Health: 9 / 9
Mood: content
Hunger: famished
Strength: frail
Defence: very heavy
Move: quite slow
Intelligence: average

kali ni,xde sape aku nk tag.....so,terselamat la korang semua..hahhaha


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