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akhirnya...aku dapt gak coc aku.....mcm2 rintangan nk lalui.....setelah penat lelah ak,baru aku tau...nape la coc aku smpi lewat...tp xkisah la, dpt gak aku naik kpl lambat skit...hehhee...aku ade dpt emai dr Engineering Department,Seafarer Training & Certification Branch. baru la aku tau sebab musabab nya....email nya bunyi nya camni la...

Dear Mr Zahari,

"Thank you for your email. At the time when you submitted your application, you did not provide a workshop skills certificate. A letter was sent requesting this but it appears you have not received this-it may have been lost in the post. However, since that time, it has come to our attention that a number of students from South Tyneside College were not issued with workshop skills certificates due to an error. We have now contacted the college and have confirmed with them that you have completed the workshop skills training. Therefore I can now go ahead and issue your Officer of the Watch Certificate of Competency. This will be processed today and sent from our office tomorrow via courier to you in Malaysia. I am very sorry for the" delay with this.

Yours sincerely

Miss Leanne White

dgn berakhir nya problem ni,aku dh kn gi blayo.....mayb 19 dh nk blayo.....kemungkinan juga,aku naik kapal SS Seri Anggun....kapal ni plak xlalu malaysia.....pape pu, xkisah la...janji semua dh settle....lega...!!!

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