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1st time aku tgk iklan ni..mmg tertarik la....spontan je bdk ni ckp....tp aku masih xphm, ape maksud iklan ni...konfius2...mayb,bdk2 je pham kot...

Tan Hong Ming is a young primary school boy who somehow, likes this girl, named Umi Qazrina.

Tan Hong Ming : Her name is Umi..Umi Qazrina.. I like her..
Lady : Why do you like her?
Tan Hong Ming : She wears earrings.. She ties a ponytail... She's pretty.
Lady : What do you wish you could say to her?
Tan Hong Ming: Do you wanna come on a date.. err.. to a romantic dinner..
Lady : Does she know you like her?
Tan Hong Ming: No, I keep it a secret.
Lady : Why?
Tan Hong Ming: I don't want the whole world to know.
Lady : Why not?
Tan Hong Ming: Because everybody will laugh at me.
Lady : Why should they laugh at you?
Tan Hong Ming: Cause she doesn't like me.
Lady : She doesn't like you?

Then comes the interesting part, where Umi Qazrina walks in.. and stood right beside Tan Hong Ming.

Umi Qazrina: My name is Umi Qazrina.
Lady : Who's your best friend?
Umi Qazrina: Tan Hong Ming.
Lady : Do you like him?
Umi Qazrina: * momentary silence*
Lady : Do you have a boyfriend?
Umi Qazrina: Yes.
Lady : Who is your boyfriend?
Umi Qazrina: Tan Hong Ming.

*Tan Hong Ming gapes in awe and walks away, together with Umi Qazrina*

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