:: when they were young ::

We're used to seeing adult men running about the field and also idolise some of them. But do you really know how they looked like when they're younger? Well, I found something!hehe....

steven gerrard

alesandro del piero

andriy sevchenko

christiano ronaldo

david beckham

fransecs fabregas

francesco totti

frank lampard


luis figo

petr cech

thierry henry

victor valdes

2 comment on :: when they were young :: :

cik pepatung said... on 03 April, 2007

i love kaka very much.so hensem n cute.haha.thiery henry pun apa kurangnya..cute gak.nasib baik rambutnya yg kembang dah xde time dah besar.hahahahaha...

mie said... on 03 April, 2007

ye ke...!!!
tp gue ttp handsome lg....

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